ChildFund were looking for a way to increase their fundraising projects and develop a new program to increase their unrestricted sustainer funds which would complement their extensive work in child sponsorship.

Zenterprize created, designed and launched the ChildFund Draw for Hope campaign

  • providing a solution to engage a new audience of donors
  • increasing long term retention of sustainers
  • delivering a full-service solution with minimal administration for ChildFund.

The initial FY 20/21 campaign was a huge success and ChildFund have renewed their commitment to this campaign as it expands in FY 21/22 and FY 22/23.

“…our most successful ever new product launch with Draw for Hope! That product has absolutely rocked for us. ….. You are in the best in the business; you are professional, you are smart and we need you guys. I am so excited to see what you can do next year thank you.”

Cindy Morgan, Senior Acquisition Manager, ChildFund International