Product Updates

Version 1.5

Released on March 21st, 2024

IMPROVED The donation payment submit button now shows “Donation $0.00” instead of “Pay $0.00”. This change is important for users because it accurately reflects the nature of the transaction, ensuring clarity and transparency. By explicitly stating “Donation”, users understand that they are making a voluntary contribution rather than a mandatory payment. This distinction helps to align user expectations and enhances trust in the donation process, ultimately improving user experience.

IMPROVED We’ve made significant enhancements to the dashboard’s line and bar chart filtering functionality. Users can now filter data by various predefined time ranges, including “Last 7 days”, “Last 4 weeks”, “Last 3 months”, “Last 12 months”, “Month to date”, “All time”, and “Custom”. Additionally, users have the flexibility to switch between “Day”, “Week”, “Month”, or “Year” display options for corresponding date ranges.

IMPROVED On the entry form, users can now customize the shipping address header to match the “Same as [shipping address]” tick box. This customization is important for users as it offers greater flexibility and alignment between the displayed header and the corresponding checkbox, enhancing clarity and usability.

IMPROVED We’ve upgraded Azure logs to the latest version and integrated monitoring reader into Grafana. This enhancement is important for users as it improves the efficiency and reliability of monitoring and analyzing system performance and data. By upgrading Azure logs and integrating monitoring reader into Grafana, users can access real-time insights and metrics more effectively. This allows for better decision-making, troubleshooting, and optimization of resources, ultimately enhancing the overall performance and stability of the system.

IMPROVED Entrant Export has been improved to export data in Pacific Time instead of UK Time zone. This change benefits users by providing data in a time zone that is more relevant and convenient for those in the Pacific region. This adjustment eliminates the need for users to convert time zones manually, reducing potential errors and streamlining their workflow. Overall, this enhancement enhances user experience by delivering data in a format that better suits their needs and preferences.

IMPROVED We have implemented TLS version 1.3 and upgraded all ciphers to A grade for our company website. This enhancement is crucial for users as it significantly improves the security and encryption protocols of their interactions with the website. This proactive approach to security underscores our commitment to safeguarding user privacy and enhancing their overall online safety while engaging with our website.

FIXED We have addressed the issue of screen hiding on the right side of the display specifically on the entrant list page. This improvement is vital because it ensures a seamless user experience by eliminating any inconvenience caused by obscured content or functionality.

FIXED We’ve resolved the issue where the payment retention heatmap incorrectly displayed open months instead of exclusively showing closed months for entrant payment retention. This fix is important as it ensures accurate and reliable visualization of payment retention data, enabling users to make informed decisions based on the correct interpretation of the heatmap.

FIXED Entrant refunds initiated through the payment processor API were not being recorded in the ZenterPrize system. However, this issue has been addressed and resolved. This fix is crucial for users as it guarantees transparency and precision in tracking refund transactions.

FIXED We have corrected a misspelled word on the entrant details overview page. This is important for users because it ensures clarity and professionalism in the presentation of information, enhancing the overall user experience and avoiding any potential confusion or misunderstandings.

FIXED Fundraiser users accessing the ZenterPrize Backoffice application caused entrants to not display within the Backoffice UI. To address this, we’ve remediated the issue by ensuring that Backoffice forms launch in the fundraiser forms application. In the near future, we’ll implement a force block for all fundraiser users, restricting their access to forms exclusively via the forms application.

FIXED We have successfully resolved the issue of phone numbers being removed during contact updates from the Stripe payment processor when phone numbers were not provided. This fix is essential for users as it ensures that their contact information remains intact and accurate within our system. By preventing the inadvertent removal of phone numbers, entrants can maintain seamless communication and receive important notifications regarding their transactions or account status. This improvement not only enhances user convenience but also safeguards against potential disruptions or miscommunications, ultimately fostering trust and confidence in our platform.

FIXED We have successfully addressed the problem of text overflow in pie chart labels and updated the pie chart design to enhance users’ ability to view data more easily.

FIXED We have resolved the problem with entrant export functionality, which previously prevented users from exporting data. This fix is crucial for users as it ensures they can efficiently access and utilize entrant data for various purposes such as analysis, reporting, and compliance. By restoring this functionality, users can seamlessly manage their data and workflows, ultimately enhancing their productivity and overall experience with our platform.

FIXED We have addressed and resolved a bug that previously hindered users from selecting an address when creating new organization accounts. This fix is essential for users as it restores the functionality necessary for accurately setting up organizational details. Now, users can seamlessly select the desired address during the account creation process, ensuring that organizational information is complete and accurate from the outset.

FIXED We have addressed and resolved the issue where description container sizes were too small, causing them to not match the UI. This fix ensures that the description containers now align correctly with the user interface. This is important for users as it enhances readability and usability, allowing them to easily access and comprehend the information presented in the description containers without any visual discrepancies or limitations.

FIXED We have remediated an issue where the prize draw countdown did not accurately align with the UI. Now, the countdown precisely reflects when the prize draw will generate winners. This enhancement is crucial for users as it ensures transparency and reliability in communicating the timing of the prize draw. Users can now trust that the displayed countdown accurately represents when winners will be selected, allowing them to plan and participate accordingly. This improvement enhances the overall user experience by providing clarity and confidence in the prize draw process.

IMPROVED We’ve updated the dashboard terminology to include “Average Age,” “Average Donation,” “Donation Frequency” (monthly, annually, bi-annually, and quarterly), “Heatmap,” and “Payment Retention.” This change is important for users as it provides clearer and more informative insights into key metrics related to their organization or campaign.

FIXED We’ve addressed an internal server error occurring during the generation and duplication of forms for updating entry form versions. This fix is crucial for users as it ensures uninterrupted access to form generation and duplication functionalities. By resolving this issue, users can efficiently update entry form versions without encountering errors or disruptions, thereby maintaining smooth workflow and enhancing overall user experience.

Version 1.4

Released on February 16th, 2024

IMPROVED We’ve enhanced the platform fee structure to offer users more flexibility. Rather than restricting fees to product-specific within Stripe, users can now select a product and then specify the associated price. This update enables our system to accommodate a wider range of product and price structures within the connected Stripe account, providing users with greater customization options and ensuring a more adaptable experience.

FIXED Resolved an issue where the activity log erroneously triggered an entrant name update even when no changes were made to the name, thereby removing unnecessary strain on the server and ensuring accurate and relevant activity tracking for users.

FIXED We’ve addressed and resolved an issue where user roles could onboard users they were not authorized to. This remediation ensures better security and access control, safeguarding user data and ensuring that only authorized personnel can perform specific actions.

FIXED Resolved an issue where organization accounts had access to unauthorized data within the dashboard page. This resolution significantly improves security and access control measures, thereby protecting user data integrity and ensuring confidentiality.

Version 1.3

Released on February 12th, 2024

FIXED Addressed and resolved an issue where users were unable to edit entrant names on the overview page. This fix grants users greater flexibility and control over their entries, enhancing their ability to manage and customize entrant information.

FIXED Resolved an issue within the fundraiser forms application where the payment element was inadvertently absent within the direct sales (face-to-face) form. This release ensuring users can seamlessly collect donations without any interruptions or missing functionality.

FIXED Resolved an issue where referral URLs were redirecting to the incorrect domain instead of, ensuring users are directed to the intended destination reliably.

FIXED Resolved an issue where multichoice component within the form configurator was not sending False for the lexicon contact.consent.SMS (opting in to SMS) when users did not select the option on the form. This fix ensures users’ preferences are accurately recorded, enhancing transparency and allowing users to control their communication preferences more effectively.

FIXED Addressed and resolved an issue where the automation condition When Entrant won prize amount = 10 failed to trigger email automations. This fix ensures that users and entrants receive timely notifications and engagement opportunities when they meet specific criteria, enhancing their overall experience.

Version 1.2

Released on February 5th, 2024

FIXED Resolved an issue within the fundraiser forms application where users encountered a blank error screen when attempting to log in with incorrect credentials. This update ensures that the app now properly addresses and handles login errors, providing a more user-friendly experience.

IMPROVED Improved VPN reliability through updates to the vpn-gateway, addressing various vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security. This release strengthens the performance and robustness of the VPN, ensuring a more secure and reliable connection when accessing our production environment.

FIXED Resolved the issue where the ACH (direct bank) payment option continued to display in the form payment method options, even when turned off under Stripe payment options. This update ensures that enabling or disabling ACH now accurately reflects in the payment options, providing a more streamlined and accurate user experience.

FIXED Addressed the issue where the body field of text messaging automations failed to expand during text editing. This update ensures that the text body field now properly expands as intended, improving the editing experience for users.

NEW We’ve introduced a new feature requiring users to provide consent for SMS notifications within their profile settings before confirming phone numbers for Two-factor Authentication (2FA) purposes. This ensures smoother communication and better alignment with user preferences for enhanced security.

Version 1.1

Released on February 2nd, 2024

IMPROVED Enhanced automation conditions in this release, providing more flexibility and control in our automation workflows. With the latest update, we can now use the following comparison operators in our automation rules:

  • Equal to (=): Execute actions when a specified condition is met.
  • Less than or equal to (<=): Trigger actions when the value is less than or equal to the defined threshold.
  • Greater than or equal to (>=): Activate actions when the value is greater than or equal to the specified limit.
  • Less than (<): Initiate actions when the value is less than the set parameter.
  • Greater than (>): Fire actions when the value exceeds the defined boundary.

FIXED Addressed and resolved an issue in the activation flow that previously prompted non-fundraiser users to log into the forms application. With this improvement, non-fundraiser users will no longer encounter unnecessary login prompts during the activation process.

FIXED Resolution of an issue where the entrants’ form download option was missing under entrants details. With this update, users can now seamlessly access and utilize the entrants form download option within the entrants details section.

FIXED Addressed and resolved an issue with the fundraiser dashboard badge filter, which was inadvertently pulling data from other users. The updated version ensures that the badge filter now accurately reflects data specific to each user, eliminating any unintended cross-user data retrieval.

Version 1.0

Released on January 23rd, 2024

NEW SMS opt-in logic applied to signup forms and multi-factor authentication.

IMPROVED Enhanced export file reliability with improved uptime. Exported files are now seamlessly delivered to users via their account emails and come with a 7-day expiration period. To access and download the file, users are mandated to log in to their accounts.

NEW Support integration with Stripe payment processor and generate winners using a certified as “truly random” random number generator.

FIXED Addressed and resolved payment errors that users may have encountered during payment form flows when experiencing a slow internet connection. This improvement ensures a smoother and more reliable payment process for our users.

FIXED Identified and resolved organization errors that users may have faced during the onboarding process. This enhancement ensures a more seamless onboarding experience, allowing users to navigate through the process without encountering organization-related errors.

FIXED Addressed an issue where the product ID was incorrectly displayed instead of the product name in the sign-up form. With this correction, users will now see the accurate product name during the sign-up process.